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Mission Connect 2023-2024

Mission Connect is a nine-month program created by BAM Connect and Give Connected for 20 leaders of 11 nonprofit organizations from Romania and the Republic of Moldova who received a grant from Give First, to help them develop their organization's capacity.

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Program structure

During the nine months, we will have two face-to-face sessions at the program's beginning and end and eight online meetings.

We will use two frameworks to help you evaluate and develop your organization's capacity and impact.

Mission Model Canvas helps you create an integrated mission model and provides an overview of the organization and details on how you intend to fulfill the mission that Christ has given you.

Redemptive Nonprofit Framework helps you create a strategy that seeks creative regeneration through the sacrifice of the communities you love and serve.

Meet our mentors

Daan de Groot

Social entrepreneur

Corneliu Niste


Adrian Buhai